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mint tourmaline
Mint tourmaline

peridot mogok 125 carats
Peridot from Mogok
125 carats

Precious stones and gems of Myanmar - Access to Mongok - Myanmar

mogkok depuis le butterlfy hotel
(Mogok - December 2012)

Breaking News (9 October 2018) : Mogok is again open for the foreigners

Group tour Mogok - New

We are starting again tour group (small group) to Mogok.
Mogok is a mythic destination, beautiful but rather expensive (and a little difficult to go, now you need two special permits /11/2016).

Mogok has been closed more than 10 years, most or all guides have no gem knowledge and experience of Mogok.

In order to offer you the same level of services and quality we offer to gem schools, labs, gems professionals,
we are now offering small tour with GEM-A graduated French and English guide.
More details : Here

Discover the mythical Mogok

I am lucky to have been able to go to Mogok regulary during the last 14 years (year 2000) et to be graduated from FGA Londres - GEM -A with the diploma in gemmology, (site FGA : so I now very very well this region.

I have done my gemmological studies in Myanmar, so I able to organise a trip for people interested by the gems and Mogok.
In mogok, we have all the contacts and connexion to make your visit a real success, you will be able to visit the multiples gems market, mines (primary secondary), villages, pagodes, dealers...
With Ananda Travels, you will have access to primary and secondary mines, not just driving in front...

Our reference

We are the travel agent with the biggest experience of Mogok, and a lot of gem school or labs are working with us when they want to visit Mogok.
Some of our reference :

- French Gemological Association.
- Mr Vincent Pardieu - GIA Lab Bangkok
- GIA Alumni of Taipei,
- Gia Alumni of Singapore, of Malaysian
- Mr Andy Lucas, GIA Carlsbad
- Ecole de Gemmologie de Montréal
- various buyeurs and tech lab.

The guide we are using for Mogok have been trained by us (and our customers). You are not going to Mogok only to visit the city, but to understand the geology, the market, visit the mine etc....

When going to Mogok

If you can try to avoid the rainy season (May to October), some mines are flooded during that season. It is possible to go any, and Mogok under the rain, with a lot of myst is quite charming (we like a lot in fact).

The best time is from October to May (end of May is still ok).

In Winter, November to end of February it is cold at night in Mogok (1500 m elevation), with night temperature around 3-6 C°. Better to bring some warm clothes (same for Pwin Oo Lwin, Inle or Kalaw, in winter, evening time.

How can you go ?

You must have an official licensed guide and a special authorisation. We take care of all of theses points.

There is two road to go to Mogok. The oldest one starts from Mandalay and it takes 7 hours. The new one starts at Pwin Oo Lwin and it takes only 4 hours.

The Pwin Oo Lwin road is underconstruction, it is a superb road, with beautiful forest and landscapes but you need a powerfull car.

June 2013 : The road from Pwon Oo Lwin to Mogok is now finished. It has been modified since Decembre 2012 because somes parts were impossible to drive with a truck or a bus. Now it is possible with a normal car.

Where to sleep ? : Hotels information in Mogok : Here

Somes photographs of Mogok and mines : Here

land rover route de mogkok
( New road from Pwin Oo Lwin to Mogok in december 2012, the road was not finished and too steep for many car or bus. In Jluy 2013 the road is now finished and they have modified some parts so every car or bus can climb ...... was cold that day with a lot of fog in the valley)

association française de gemmologie French Gemmologycal Association

gia taiwan at mogok
Alumni of GIA (institut américain de Gemmologie) fromTaiwan.
Yadanashin mine - Mogok

pink spinel
rubis au marché de mogkok
(At Gem market in Mogok)

Extension from a tourist tour in Myanmar (FIT, or group or school)

- We can add an extension trip to Mogok from either Mandalay or Pwin Oo Lwin. The main program does not need to have been booked via Ananda Travel (but it is better if it is)

Anyway, we will need to request a special authorisation and to have a guide (if you already have a licensed guide, we can use his name also)

Day 1 : Pwin Oo Lwin (ou Mandalay) - Mogok - night in Mogok
Day 2 : Mogok, gem markets, pagodas, retailer, cutting...
Day 3 (option) : mines and pagodas around Mogok, peridot mine etc...
Day 4 : drive back to Pwin Oo Lwin or Mandalay.

Full program for gems lovers in Myanmar (you can always add a tourist program)

This kind of program is more for people really interested by gems, gems business and activities (not only visiting a mythical place such as Mogok).

The program is longer with also a part about the Burmese Jade (the best is the world),Burmite, the colours stones and the rare gems.

- Yangon : two - three days to have time to visit Boygyoke market, gem museum, gem market, time to walk and check the jewellery shop, the crystal shop, discover and find the simulant, the synthetic etc.......
Also included Myanmar pearls and conche pearl.

- Mandalay : jade market, jade cutting in Mandalay..

- Mogok : two or three full day in Mogok, you will see also the mines of , Painnite, Taffeite, Jeremejevite, etc....

We will do a program tailor made for your group and student. Do not hesitate to contact us at any time.

jade cutting mandalay
(Jade cutting at the Jade Market in Mandalay)

gold buddha image

Plain gold statue with precious stone at Mogok monastery (there is a second statue made of plain silver...)

mine stones sorting

Stones sorting in a rubis mine

mogok gem market

The biggest stones gems market in Mogok (Central mogok) A Must to see in Mogok (there are various stone
market in Mogok, all very interesting) .

mogok mine inside

Inside of Kyauk Saung Mine - Mogok