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FAQ - Fréquently Asked Questions about Myanmar and journey in Myanmar

Our website contains a lot of information, a bit everywhere, so we have regroup some most frequently asked questions here. Could be more simple than surfing all our website.

Credit card - Can I pay Ananda Travel by credit card. ?

Since Septembre 2009 we have resume our service and we accept now credit card (VISA and Master Card Euro card only, we do not accept).
The payment is made via our website and a secure link to our bank in Singapore.
In Octobre 2009, Ananda Travel has been certified by Comodo and our internet connection is now encrypted and secured by Comodo (256 bits encryption).
We are very happy to offer this convience and very secure way of payment to our customers.

Can I use travellers cheque in Myanmar : No

Can I withdraw cash from ATM

Master Card - Cirrus and Maestro card : YEs; but only from "Co-Operative" ATM (only 36 ATM in Myanmar)
Visa Card : Yes

More information about credit card : Here

Visa - how to get it:
- In your home country at the Myanmar Embassy in 3 to 5 days.
- In Bangkok, at the Myanmar Embassy in 1 or 2 days.
- At Yangon's International Airport when you arrive BUT ONLY if you have applied for the visa on arrival procedure three weeks beforemore information : Here

Visa on arrival ?

Business visa on arrival : Here
Tourist visa on arrival pre-approved (three weeks delay min) : Here

Do you need to change 200 or 300 USD at the airport.
No, it was stopped in August 2003, even if it could be still written in old Embassy forms.

Do you need a letter (certificate) to get your visa in a Myanmar Embassy.

No, except in Geneva where the Embassy still asks a letter from the Travel Agent (we do it...)

Custom in Yangon.

You can carry computer, laptop, camera, mobile phone etc..... No problem.

Can we buy our international flight (Inbound) at Ananda Travel Yangon ?

No, we are based in Yangon, it is much more cheaper for you to buy a ticket in your country.

How I ask a program and a quote to Ananda ?.
The best is to browse our website, get some ideas, look what you like and fill the form : Here (it is a form to help you to give us details about what you want to do). You will have a text area where you can give us additional information.

What are the dates of Ananda Travel tours?
We do not do Tours!!!
We do only tailor made journey in Myanmar, at the date you want, for what you like to do!

Do I need a travel Insurance ?
Yes, Yves and Yes..
If you have to cancel your trip at the last minute for any reason, we will probably not be able to refund your downpayment. Hotels have a very strict cancellation policy if you cancel 30 days or 10 days or a the last minute. A travel insurance will refund your downpayment and probably also any additional cancellation cost.

Do I need a medical Insurrance while travelling in Myanmar ?
You MUST have one.
If anything serious happen during your trip, accident etc.. that requires medical assistance, you will probably not be able to stay in Myanmar (hospital quality is very low here).
You will need to be evacuate by air to Bangkok or Singapore. It is very very costly and if you have no insurance, nobody will pay but you.
Detailled info : Here

I have confirm my program to Ananda, what's next ?
We will start to book your program.
We will send you by email a USername and a Password to log to your own booking file via our website. You will be able to see the situation of your booking, flight statuts, hotels statuts....etc.
Then, we will send you a proforma invoice for payment of the reservation. We request a payment of 40% by bank transfert.

Can I pay all my program in advance (not only 40%)?
Yes, it is not a problem and you will have less cash to carry.

Can I pay in cash only when I arrive in Yangon ?

If anything happen to you and you do not come (whatever the reason), Ananda travel will have to pay a cancellation fees to the hotels. That is why we request a downpayment to secure the booking.

Is it a problem to have cash for Myanmar custom?
No, it is not a problem for the custom.

Do I need to take drugs for malaria ?
Since novembre 2012, OMS does not recommend anymore a preventive treatment for tourist, staying in the main Yangon mandalay Bagan Inle Area.

But you should take a treatment if you go outside these areas, or during monson.
Furthermore, there is a lot of dengue in Myanmar, so protect yourself againts mosquito bites.

Can I call outside Myanmar during my journey ?

Yes, from almost everywhere, be careful anyway it is quite expensive.

Can I receive a call in Myanmar from abroad ?
Yes, but it could be difficult, in some place you do not have automatic switchboard, only manual, with Burmese only operator...
We can supply you in advance the complete list of phone number of your hotel stay (with Ananda), we can also give you the mobile phone of our guide if you are travelling with one of our guide.

Can I cross the border with Thailande by car or train.?
No, only in Tachilek, check our web page Here

Can I go the beach during the rainy season ?
No, all hotels in Ngapali are closed.
Some may be open in August or Septembre at Chaung Tha beach, could be possible in September not to have too many rain...

Can I go to Mergui archipelageo from June to Septembre?
No, very very stormy weather....

Can I carry my laptop - mobile phone - camera?

No problem, you can carry mobile phone, laptop, camera film or digital.
Your mobile phone will not work here (no roaming except with Singapore) but since december 2008, you can buy pre-paid card, so if needed you will be able to call from your mobile (with and only with a Myanmar Prepaid card).
Read here for more information : Here

Can I get wifi internet access with my laptop ?
Things are changing very fast here and now you can have a wifi access in many hotels and restaurants in Myanmar. It is still slow but you can log in your Gmail account easily.

Can I read and send email in Myanmar ?
Yes BUT ONLY if you have a Gmail account (but things are changing very fast also). All other email service are banned (theorically), so you must have a Gmail account if you want to read and send email (even if you are using your own laptop to connect).
So do not forget to open a Gmail account before coming here if it is important for you to stay connected.

Can I use my credit card or traveller's cheque in Myanmar

99% of the time you can not pay by credit card,
but some hotels are now accepting credit card payement : more detailled information : Here