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Telephone, Internet, Email, Wifi, Electricity in Myanmar - Burma

Mobile phone - Laptop

Laptop - computeur : There is no more problem to bring a laptop in Myanmar.

Mobile phone : Now (2018), there is roaming in Myanmar, so you can bring and use your mobile phone in Myanmar.
Be aware any that even if the coverage in the main cities and touristics areas is good, in the countryside and mountains area, you may have no signal.

Local SIM card

Since card price went from 3 000 USD end of the 90's to 1.5 USD now (2018).
It is very easy and cheap to buy a local SIM card at the airport.
Local calls are cheap and very often, even international calls are cheaper than with your roaming (home) phone.

Internet 3g / 4g

Internet connection with your mobile and a local SIM card usually works better than wifi in hotels, or even land line.

In Yangon and Mandalay (2018) you can even have 4g access (and the coverage is spreading every month).

It is cheap and easy to buy at the airport a SIM card. Price starts at 1.5 USD to 10 USD with up to 7 G of data. You can always also buy recharge card almost anywhere.

International phone calls.

You can theorically make an IDD call everywhere, from every hotel. Practically it could be very expensive (from hotels), or difficult (village, moutains area etc..)

As Internet with 3/4G connection is working quite well, we recommend you to use Apps such as Messenger, Viber, Line, WhatsApp.
(Ananda travel has always a phone with WhatsAp, Viber, Messenger open.)

Internet - Email

Currently, the situation is far better than few years ago and it is very easy to find in the main cities a cyber cafe.
You can also without any problem connect to Internet via 3g/4g and wifi.


Gmail is not any more the only email software that is working in Myanmar.
You can use any email software or application.
No more restriction.

Wifi access

Things are changing fast and now a lot of hotels and restaurants are proposing WIfi acces to their customers, usually free of charge.
So you can bring your laptop and connect to Internet. It is usually quite slow, but enought to connect to your mail box.


220 250 V, a lot of surge problem and black out.

If you want to connect your digital camera, transformer, ... it is really better to buy a small surge protector. It cost almost nothing but you can save your electronic equipment..

Black out is very common and most of the hotels have their own generator. It is the best way to destroy your transformer....

Photograph of the main electricity plug in Myanmar : Here

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