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Latest information about using credit card in Myanmar (Burma) - 2018

1st Septembre 2009 - Ananda travel accept credit card in Myanmar !

Great news for our customers, our bank in Singapore, the United Overseas banks allows us again to accept credit card for our customers in Myanmar. Starting 2nd week of September 2009, we are accepting VISA and Master Card Euro card for the paiement of our services in Myanmar (hotels, booking etc...)
We do not accept Master card.

It is a very good news for our customers, they will benefit from all insurances and security you may have with a payment by credit card (and you will save bank transfert cost to our account in Singapore).

In Octobre 2009, Ananda Travel has been certified by Comodo and our internet connection is now encrypted and secured by Comodo (256 bits encryption).The payment is made via our website and a secure link to our bank in Singapore. It is very easy, simple; fast and very secure
We are very happy to offer this convience and very secure way of payment to our customers.

Update 18 April 2010 : more security "3D secure" - choise of currency

Starting 20th of April 2010, our customers will have the choice of their currency for the payment via our secure website.
It is now possible for our customers to choose to pay either in USD (at the change rate proposed on the screen), or in Euro (at the change rate propose on the screen), or even in Singapore or Australian dollars.
This is offering the possibility to our customers to choose the best currency for them.

We have also upgraded the security of our system. We are now 3D secure, which is the highest level of security recommanded by VISA for an internet transaction with a bank over internet (it is far more secure than the normal internet banking procedure).
We are happy to offer this additional service and security to our customers.

Cash withdraw - Visa - Master card ATM

Master Card - Maestro - Cirrus Card - Visa : Starting 15 november 2012, it is now possible to withdraw cash from ATM in Myanmar.
Since 2012, the situation have improved a lot and you find easily in the main cities and tourist places, an ATM machine where you can withdraw local currency.

We do not know how much your bank will charge you (bank fees) to withdraw in Myanmar, and the ATM machine works only if there is Internet and electricity.... not always guarantee in Myanmar.
Anyway, it is more and more easy in the main cities and in the tourist area to find at ATM machine.

So our advice is to change currency (cash) upon your arrival, and to keep ATM withdrawal for emergency.

Travellers cheques

Impossible to use in Myanmar.

Western Union fund transferts.

It is possible to transfert funds in Myanmar using Western Union services.
There is more than 227 Western Union service points in Myanmar, but they open only week days and for office hours (9 to 17h).

It is impossible to transfert USD to a Myanmar and withdraw the cash to a Myanmar Bank. Use only Western Union.

Bank transfert outside Myanmar but for a Myanmar business, friend etc..

- There is no more European embargo against Myanmar (and you never had an embargo on Euro transfert).
- Anyway most European banks refuse to transfert EURO or USD in favour of a Myanmar company, even if the bank account is outside Myanmar. There is no legal reason for that, except the European Banks are afraid of US.

- If you do a bank transfert in EURO (or USD), outside Myanmar, but for a Myanmar company: Never mentioned anything related to Myanmar in your bank transfert detail (do not mention Myanmar, yangon burma etc;;;) otherwise your transfert will be block and / or keep by the US governement and or blocked by your bank (even in Euro).

Payement by Credit card

Now (2018), most of the 4 stars and 3 stars hotels accept a payment with Visa card.
A lot of big souvenirs shop and jewellery shops also accept a payment with a visa card


as soon as your are off the main cities and the most famous places, it is very difficult or impossible to pay by debit/credit card.
In village, mountains areas, places off the main tourist areas, you will not be able to pay with Visa.

In Myanmar, it is always very advisable to have cash with you (local currency).