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RV Pandaw : cruises in the Chindwin and Irrawaddy river with beautiful renovated river steamer - Myanmar

Ayaravata company operates two boat on the Irrawaddy and Chindwin river. The Rv Pandaw 1947, authentic old steamer renovated and the more recent but also charming Rv Paukan.
Ayaravata web site : Rv Pandaw -Rv Paunkan

If you need any additional information, price (take advantage of our special prices), disponibility contact us by emaill.

Irrawwady cruises - 2010-2011 cruise schedule

- One night cruise from Mandalay to Bagan : Here
- Two nights cruise from : Mandalay to Bagan : Here
Bagan to Mandalay : Here
- Three nights cruise : Mandalay to Bagan : Here(Royals capitals)
- Four nights cruise : Bagan to Mandalay : Here

Irrawaddy cruises by starting day - 2010-2011cruise schedule

Tuesday : Bagan to Mandalay : 2 nights.
Thursday : Mandalay to Bagan : 1 night.
Wednesday : Bagan to Mandalay : 4nights
Friday : Bagan to Mandalay : 2 nights.
Sunday : Mandalay to Bagan : 2 nights.
Sunday : Mandalay to Bagan : 3 nights.

Long cruise - special cruise.

- Chindwin river- 9 nights on board (only in septembre) : Here
- Downstream the Irrawaddy river from Bhamo to Mandalay - 7 nights on board : Here


rv pandaw 1947 boat

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