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When you should come in Myanmar (Burma) ?

Avoid other tourist

Best time to come if you want to avoid other tourist and discover Bagan or Inle very quietly.

- Septembre : End of Rainy Season
- End of April to End of June : End of dry season (very very hot), starting of the rainy season.

Most crowdded period

Xmas - 10 January

It is packed in Bagan and Inle. For Bagan if you travel to the main tourist pagodas (like tour group..) it will not be fun, really to many people, sometimes you will not be able to enter or go to the top of a pagoda....
If you are travelling alone, Bagan is big enough to find your own quiet and beautiful stop.

Monsoon: Juin - Septembre

Monsoon lasts from June until the end of September. It rains really a lot in the south of Myanmar (Yangon, Bago, Moulmein, Dawei ) and in Arakan.

Travelling by car is more difficult (do not drive at night) and yo will not have the beautiful blue sky to visit the sites of the south of Myanmar.

However, the weather is less hot (approximately 30 C°) that during the Dry season. There is almost no rain on Bagan or Mandalay (In fac, it is an excellent period to visit Bagan and Mandalay, probably the best period for Bagan).

You have less tourist.

The Dry season

-October at January: the temperatures are perfect, even fresh or cold in mountain ( Inle Lake, Pwin Oo Lwin, Lashio). It is necessary to take a sweater for these areas. It can still rain in the south until November. It is probably the best period to visit Myanmar for people who do not like heat.

Cons : this is when you have the most people, and it starts to be too much to visit some places...

- February - May: The weather is hot and nice in all the country (not one cloud in the sky). Ttemperature is increasing every day until a peak in April-May (40C° and more). The weather can be extremely hot in Bagan and Mandalay in April (sometimes 45C°)

Weather Statistics:

Detailled informations and stats per month and main cities in Myanmar for the rain, sunny days etc.. Here

Holidays time in Europe !

It is obviously the period when we have the most tourists in Myanmar (January, February, Mars, holidays of Christmas).
That poses 2 types of difficulties:

- the international flights to Thailand or Singapore are often full in winter. Your plane ticket should be book as soon as possible, that wants to say preferably 4-6 months before your departure.
- Some place like Inle or Golden Rock are very often fully boocked because of the limited number of room. You should book as soon as possible if you want the best place.If you work with a local agency, like Ananda Travel Yangon, you also may find it beneficial to contact it as soon as possible.


There is almost a festival per month in Burma. Some are more interesting than others, some deserve even to go only to see them. The exact dates are based on the lunar calendar. Contact Ananda Travel Yangon or your agency of voyage to have the precise dates (also pay attention of the religious festivals or National Day that can complicate your trip in Myanmar).

List of festivals in Myanmar