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Food safety and precaution related to food in Myanmar (Burma)


It is very easy to find mineral water or soft drinks everywhere in Myanmar .
Tea (which is boiled water) is available everywhere. No worry about drinking in Myanmar.

Nevertheless, never drink tap water, never drink the water freely at your disposal in earth pot in the street (or you are real strong man).


Myanmar is a very poor tropical country. Logically, you should avoid all the uncooked food, salad, ice-cream. But, do not be stress by this point .
Green tomato salad from Inle, lemon salad, ginger salad, and a lot of raw uncooked dishes in Myanmar are delicious.
Ice-cream at Nylon shop in Mandalay are the best in Myanmar.

Just be careful, and adapt yourself.
If you have a guide, follow his advise, he will take no chance for you.
If you travel with us, our guide or program will bring you at place where we go for years without any problem.
And if you like the place, if it is cook just in front of you, even if the smallest shop in the street, dare it, it is often very good.

Know yourself !

It is obvious that the food and cleanness regulation are not the same in Myanmar than in Europe (do not think that Burmese are dirty).
If you know that you may get easily food problem, do not eat so much salad and ice-cream
But, please, do not eat only fried rice and Chinese fried food. You will miss all the real Burmese food, which is very good if you know to walk away from the fried rice.
Every state has in own kind of food, and it is excellent especially in Shan state or in Mogkok area.

Washed your hand

Usually, food contamination comes from dirty hands (not from the restaurant, from yourself). The same hand that you have used all the day to open every door, to go the toilets and you will used it to it a fruit or something else.
Wash your hand, it is simple and very effective (even with dirty water sale and soap, it is better than nothing).

You can find easily in pharmacy disinfecting jelly that you do not need to rinse (no water needed). It is the best when you can not get water AND soap.

If you get sick, use the right drug !!

Ask to your doctor what are the best drugs for you.
Usually in a tropical country:

- Avoid aspirin that may cause additional problem with some tropical disease, use paracetamol,

- Avoid drugs like "Imodium" if you have diahorea AND fever. This drug is too much effective and will stop your infection in your body instead of flushing it away. Bad idea.