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Petit Futé

Bagan tower in Bagan (Myanmar - Burma)

Bagan tower has been open to public since April 2005.

The tower is located at the eastern part of Bagan archeological site. During day time, it is very difficult to spot the tower, at night, the lights from the roof top restaurant are visible.

A huge 5 stars resort has been built at the bottom of the tower.
You have to pay 10 USD to climb to the top, or even to have a drink at the restaurant.
At the first floor, you have a small galleria with souvenir shop.
Overall, no interest, should not be your priority in Bagan.

View from the west side of Bagan

View from the panoramic restaurant inside the tower

The tower from the bottom
You have a new 5 stars hotel near by, this is the eastern part
of Bagan. No interest.