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Vipassana Meditation in Myanmar

Vipassana meditation

The Vipassana meditation is a very old meditation technique that was used by Sidharta Gotama Buddha has 2500 years.

The word Vipassana means " to see the things as they are ".
It is a personal improvement practice, a "purification" (cleaning) by the observation of the phenomena that occur in your body. It is a method that cannot learn only in the book, you have to pratice it. Vipassana meditation can be practiced by all, everywhere, at any time.

What Vipassana meditation is not

- Faith,.
- Holidays, a way to be out of the social life.
- It is way to escape in responsability.
- It is not an intellectual hypothesis or a philosophical fun.

What is Vipassana Meditation

- It is a technic to stop your suffering (Buddhist meaning).
- It is a very usefull way of life that we can use actively in ou social life.
- It is a mental relaxation method, of purification of the pains in a balanced manner that permitsto everybody to progressat its own rhythm.

Code of conduct - rules.

It is not possible to practice Vipassana meditation without respecting some moral rules and precepts:

- Sila : These are the moral rules that lead to
- Samadhi : which is concentration, mentale power (how can you concentrate if you drink alcool?...)
- Panna : widosm that occurs because of meditation linked to Sila and Samadhi.


These are the moral rules everybody must respect to practice Vipassana Meditation. It is also the basic moral rules in Buddhism.

- Do not kill,
- Do not lie,
- Do not steal,
- Do not take intoxicating products,
- Do not have sexual relation.

Very often, a meditation center will add the following rules :

- Do not eat after noon,
- Do not sleep in a too much confortable place,
- Do not speak ,
- Do not put make-up, listen music or smoke..

SN Goenka :

SN Goenka is an Indian professor of meditation following the Burmese Vipassana Tradition (U Ba Khin). He began to teach Vipassana meditation in 1969 in Myanmar.

There is more than 50 centers SN Goenkas in the world The quality of SN Goenka teaching is recognized in Burma and you can get on Sn Goenka web site meditation programm schedule.

More information, cf liens bouddisme).