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Wrong interpretations or beliefs linked to the Theravada Buddhism

The Buddhism is a philosophy that was plaqued with incomprehension from the westerner people, mistakeshave perpetuated themselves in the time, and even "experts" are making wrong interpertation about the Theravada Buddhist philosphie .

Karma (Sanskrit), Kamma en Pali = Action

The Khamma word means " action" and make reference to a voluntary action. The Khamma is not the result of han action contrary to a widespread belief.

One of the very frequent mistakes is to consider Karma like a " justice " (with a notion of reward or punishment) whereas it is only a simple law of causes and effects
Karma is a natural law, the law of action and reaction. You cannot have a effect without a causse (old principle of physics that we learn at school), if there is an action, there is a reaction.
What is important in Khamma is the will (conciousness) that we put in every act. The Khamma is the sum of all voluntary acts that we make (neutral, positive, negative acts).
In all logic, an act that we make without conscience, nor will (to kill a bug while walking in the grass) can not have the same Kharmic impact that the voluntary meurder of a person.


It must be very clear, the Theravada Buddhism doesn't recognize the reincarnation process as we understand it in the West.

In the Buddhism philosophy, there is no soul (Atma). If there is no soul, you cannot have a reincarnation.
There is no a soul because nothing can be eternal in the universe (nothing is permanent).
It is one of the most fundamental principles of the Buddhism, based on the fact that nothing can be eternal because all conditioned thing is called to change,to disappear.
Reincarnation of a soul, a being, a mind, spirit...etc does not exist.

Nevertheless, there is a reincarnation theory. Every new life is going to be strongly (but not totally) influenced by its Khamma, the sum of the actions previous lives. What you next life form will be is directly link to how you act now !
Buddhism is a very good school for responsability !

Nihilism or the passivity of the Buddhism.

The Buddhism is often accused of being Nihilist, passive, negative (parlty because of the translation mistake of the word DHUKKA , 1st truth expressed by Buddha).
Khamma, law of action and reaction influences our future lives, removing all free will and therefore anything would not be necessary to make, just live and wait.

Totaly wrong ! Buddhism is an extremely active and responsible philosophy.
There is no any mercy or any salvation to expect from other people but you (not God, not Buddha, not any spirit). No one will come to pull you out from your bad situation by magic. You have to do it yourself.
The Buddhism is probably the only religion which explains that improvement in your life (ultimately your final liberation) we will come from the the improvement of our Kharma and our spiritual life. To do that, we must act !
Only a regular practice of meditation associated with the respect of the code or morality, the 5 precepts, SILA will lead improvement in life.

Nivarna (SansKrit) or Nibbanna (Pali)

Hundreds or thousands of books have been written to say what is or is not the Nibbana. A few bad interpretations:

- A common mistake is to believe that the Nibbanna is a place or something related to heaven: " He entered the Nibbana ".
The Nibbana is non conditionned state (because all the conditionned are going to decay, not Nibanna), this state will allow you to be out of the circle of the reincarnations. What happens after is only conjecture.

- Also, Nibbana is achieved by Sila, Samadhi, Panna (Morality, concentration, wisdom) and meditation practice. You can not stop or "refuse" to achieve Nibbana, when you reach that level, that's it.

- Another mistake is to believe that the reclining representations of Buddha, represent Buddha " going to the Nirvana in, or in the Nirvana ". The Nirvana is not a place, Buddha's death is called Parrinnibbana. Buddha doesn't go anywhere after his death, he died. Point.

- You can get enlightment when you are living form, not when you died.

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